Jamie Snider

Absolutes in a Grey World

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With all the confusion in the world, there is a craving for absolutes. The name Jesus may sound like a vague person to some – maybe just a man who did some good deeds, however as Christians there should be no confusion on the issue. More and more I’m realizing that as our society’s standards fade away, we as the church need to paint a clear picture of Jesus and the solid truths that flow from Him.

The bible says, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever…” Hebrews 13:8


A song like “Praise the Mighty Name” clearly declares the attributes of Jesus.  However, our enemy loves to create confusion. The enemy wants to confuse and plant doubt in our minds. Since the beginning of time the enemy has tried to sneak into our minds questioning God’s Word – just ask Adam and Eve!

I love the lines, So just, so merciful and good, how amazing is Your name, Your name throughout the earth…”

Today as we respond and declare the words of this song, we are reminding the world of the true nature of our King, and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever! By actively vocalizing these words, you are openly declaring to the world, the enemy, and the church that Jesus is the name above every name. He is just, merciful, kind, strong, powerful, and good – without a doubt!