Jamie Snider

Behind the Song: It’s Christmas

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I LOVE Christmas time and all that comes with the beauty of the season. First of all, we get to celebrate our Saviour’s birth and to experience the joy and love of giving! Of course there’s also the fun of snow (and LOTS of it here in Canada!), the Christmas lights, decorations, warmth of family and friends…OH and FOOD! Lots of TREATS and fantastic food! LOL! Have I ever mentioned I love treats…well…I admit it…I still LOVE sweets, and I’m not a little kid!

In writing, “Its Christmas”, I wanted to think back to being little again and what I looked forward to in the Christmas season. Although things can be taken out of proportion during this season, I think we can say that overall, Christmas should bring a sense of love and giving as we remember the most precious gift first given to us!

The chorus in the song says, “Love is giving, truly living, hearts are warmed with joy and cheer, it’s Christmas…”

In Acts 20:35 we remember the words of Jesus saying, “…It is more blessed to give, than to receive…”

This is so true! When we begin to give, we start to experience the love and humility of Christ who gave it all. I’m sure you’ve all had that experience as being the one that gives to someone, and you KNOW the wonderful joy that fills your heart. Why? Because you are flowing in one of the characteristics God planted in you! GIVING! Yes, we are to enjoy the fun of the season, but as I teach my 2 and 4 year old about Christmas, we are to take part in giving and letting God’s love warm the hearts of those around us. With all this said, it seemed fitting to bring kids in to sing along for the recording. They all made the process so much fun! As we shout out “C and a H and a R and an I and S and a T and a M A S,”  we are celebrating all the wonderful things that the Christmas season brings!! Jesus! Joy! Giving! Family! Friends! Treats! Snow! Love! Lights!

Let’s allow HIS gift of love to be “…spread all year…”