Jamie Snider

We Believe

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I believe: in Jesus, a Saviour, and in God, our Father. That’s my stance and I don’t back down. It’s easy to have a backseat mentality, allowing our beliefs to be pushed down, silenced, and disregarded. As much as I love my neighbour, I love God first! I refuse to be silent because I refuse to watch my neighbour live life without hope, love, and peace. Just as children won’t take that cough medicine that tastes so yucky but does them so much good, sometimes that is the attitude of someone who has never been healed and restored by Jesus. Remember, silence can be louder than words. When we shut our mouth instead of speaking out, we come into agreement with darkness. But when we speak out life and hope, we come against disease, depression, and hopelessness! It’s time to sing out: WE BELIEVE! 

You can be a beacon of light by taking a stance. We believe that God will heal, will deliver, and will rescue the broken hearted! We believe that God, in His mercy, sent us His treasured son, His only son. We believe that very son gave up His rights and his riches to live as man and die accused and guilty, though sinless, for us to rise with Him and live forever, worshipping our God!