Kevin Cook

Chord Chart: Emmanuel

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by Jenny Fehr 

Verse 1:


For unto us a child is born


God so loved the world that He gave His son

Am                                                                              F

The word made flesh to conquer death His Name is Jesus

C                                                 G/B

Perfect love Prince of Peace Light of the world Everlasting King

Am                                              F

The chosen One to overcome It’s Jesus



C                                         G/B                       Am                          F

Oh how beautiful and Oh how glorious Emmanuel God is with us

C                                      G/B                                 Am                       F

Oh hear the angels sing All glory unto the King Exalted in the highest




Verse 2:

This Christmas time do people know that Jesus Christ is not a baby boy

He died and rose from the grave to rescue and save

All of those who would believe in His Name



Dm                                                                         F

And how the prophesy foretold that the little child would be born

C                                    G

In Bethlehem, the Saviour of all men

Dm                                                    F

And how He’d give His life away to glorify His Father’s name

Am                      G

Let the earth rejoice in Him