Kevin Cook

Chord Chart: Jesus Messiah

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Verse 1:
E                                                   B
When the snow starts falling down
That means Christmas is around the corner
A                                                        E
Lights are being hung, laughter’s heard from everyone

E                                          B
But I know that there is more
Than the gifts in every store
A                                  B
A second chance, a gift of life was born that night


E                                B
Jesus Messiah the Saviour of man
F#m                                A
Born in a manger, yet He was God’s plan
E                                                            B
Carried our sins to the cross to the grave
F#m                                        A                           E B C#m A
And on the third day He rose, for You and I


Verse 2:
E                                             B
This story often has been told
To the young and to the old
A                                                       E
Of a Saviour that was born to a world that had been torn
E                                                      B
There are those who do not know
They live their lives without a hope,
A                               B
It’s time to spread the christmas cheer that He is here

God is with us
He is with us
F#m             A
Immanuel, Immanuel