Kevin Cook

Chord Chart: New Born King

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F#m                           E                                 D              C#
The Saviour of the world was born in Bethlehem
The Light broke through the dark to set us free from sin
In a stable He laid, there was no room at the InnB                                C#              F#m
This is where our story beginsWhile Shepherds they were watching their flocks by night They saw a host of angels way up in the sky
Singing Glory, Glory to God on high
Peace on earth good will to men



F#m          E      D           C#
Glory Glory Glory to the King
Glory Glory Glory to the newborn King
Singing Glory Glory to the newborn King
He Reigns…He Reigns!

Three wise men came a-travelling from afar
They rode for days and days following a star
F#m                                 A        C#
They were searching, searching!
B                      C#     F#m
For the one they call Emmanuel


F#m    E      D     C#
Jesus, Ja ja ja Jesus
The one to bring light in the darkness
And sets captives free
Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace
Mighty and Holy, Awesome in power
Brings hope and liberty