Jenny Fehr

Let It Be Beautiful

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A little while ago I purchased a birthday gift for my 4 year old’s friend. I purchased this gift having no idea what this child was interested in. I was so worried about it! Will he like it? Did I spend enough money? Why didn’t I ask his mother what he liked? So much attention, so much concern over a birthday gift!

It got me thinking, when we meet together to worship in the house of God, do we think twice about our gift of worship? Do I care what would please God and make Him happy? Am I as concerned with God as I am a 4 year old?

Psalm 96:8 says, “Bring an offering and come into His courts.”

I want to be just like the woman who poured out perfume at Jesus’ feet. Her main concern above anything else was for the honour of Jesus.

In Matthew 26:7 it says that this woman came into the room where Jesus was and immediately began ministering at His feet, weeping and wiping her tears with her hair, while pouring out costly perfume. She didn’t care what people thought or that she could have lost her life! The disciples were annoyed, thinking it was a waste and that the perfume should have been sold, giving the money to the poor. Jesus replied, “Leave her alone, she has done a beautiful thing to me.”

In the song, “Receive It All” it says, “Let it be beautiful.”

I want my worship to be beautiful. I desire to have my worship match the greatness of who He is. I do not want to come into God’s presence with my hands open looking to receive, but my hands stretched out, looking to give my best and pour out my heart.

I will not be more concerned with my day to day life than I am with the Living God because He is worthy to receive it all. He is worthy of beautiful and costly worship.