Jamie Snider

White Collared Worship

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Remember that moment when you met Jesus for the first time?  What life felt like, looked like, and even smelled like? Remember the joy, the new perspective, the innocence? You were fresh and full of life. You were unashamed, unhindered and had uncontainable passion!

Where does that go? Why does it leave? How do we keep it? I believe the Canadian church needs to move from too sophisticated to totally surrendered once again. We cannot eat from the crumbs of yesterday’s experience, and soak up the life from someone else’s revelations and wonder why we have nothing to sing from our hearts on a Sunday morning. We must keep it fresh – we must fan the flame in our hearts. We must not allow ourselves to stagnate.

In 2 Samuel chapter 6 we see David dancing and praising God with uncontainable passion, unashamed and unhindered. Michal his wife watches with disdain. She frowned upon such a display, and the scripture says she, “…despised him in her heart.” When I picture David dancing before the Lord, I can hear the song: Our Song Becomes a Dance.

“We’re gonna dance a dance of liberty, Sing a song of victory, Shout aloud, we have been set free! We cannot contain this passion blazing in us…” 

We can be radical about sports, movies, bands, cars, concerts, our kids, our job, etc. the list goeson and on. What about Jesus, the Saviour of your life? Being radical for Jesus is not reserved for a certain group, or denomination. It is an attitude of surrender. Let’s not allow the perspective of Michal to dictate our worship and how much we give to God. Let’s not be the outsiders looking in on the celebration, caught up in our white collar worship. Let’s find ourselves like we were when we first surrendered our lives to Jesus, full of joy, life and freedom!