Jamie Snider

Who Can Stand?

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When I first heard the song, “Who Can Stand,” it was a Friday night worship service. Bailey had just written it hours before service and performed it that night. As she began to sing and describe the amazing encounter that Moses and the Israelites had with the glory of God, the holiness of God began to overwhelm me and many others of the church to the point where we truly couldn’t stand. It was a powerful moment. Not only did I experience the awe and wonder of God that night, but I also felt the fierceness of His love. I experienced a level of ‘fear’ for the Lord, but I was not afraid. I felt the closeness of God and I did not want to move. I felt the calling of God and I said yes. He marked us that night. I realized in that moment that when God had called the Israelites to Himself, to be His special possession, His chosen people, it wasn’t because He wanted to boss them around and make mean rules. He loved them so much. He loves us so much. God pulled them out of darkness into His wonderful light so they could shine for Him and show the nations of the world that He was real! The laws that He created for them were out of love, to give them protection and true life. God hasn’t changed and this is his heart for us today.

God has always and always will, want His people to choose Him and worship Him only. It is not because He is egotistical, but because He knows that when He’s worshiped, He comes close and amazing things begin to happen.

God does not want the words, “who can stand” to merely be good lyrics to a great worship song. He has much bigger plans for us than that. The same God who delivered the Israelites from slavery, cared for them, provided for them, made a way for them, did wonders among them, fought on their behalf, longs to be our God. Let’s say yes to Him today!

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